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STEP 1: Download the app 'Netball Connect' from your app store
STEP 2: Tap 'Login' as a player/parent, then on the next page sign up
for an account 

STEP 3: Fill out all your information and tap 'Sign Up'
STEP 4: On the next screen tap the little 3 dots on the bottom right hand side of your screen, and select registration
STEP 5: Then tap 'Actions' and select register 
STEP 6: Add participant name/s as needed and select 'Registering a family member'
STEP 7: Fill out each players name as required, including the address, and tap 'Next'
STEP 8: Fill out Select Competitions, and in the Organisation Name scroll down to find 'Baysiders (Casey), tap on Juniors Saturday competition then tap 'Next'
STEP 9: Select 'Junior Player' in the Membership Details
STEP 10: Select what age group your player is playing with under Registration Divisions (Here you will see the fees, please also read the notes in this section)
STEP 11: You are welcome to refer a friend here, otherwise scroll down the bottom, and tap 'ADD COMPETITION & MEMBERSHIP'
STEP 12: Fill out 'Additional Personal Information', and tap at the bottom "ADD COMPETITION & MEMBERSHIP'
STEP 13: Agree to the T&C's and tap 'Continue'
STEP 14: Choose payment option & submit

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