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Footwork - stepping, running, hopping, dragging your GROUNDED foot along the ground.

Short Pass - where your team mate is to close to pass the ball.  Put the ball on the ground if a penalty of free pass.

Over a third - Where the ball hasn't been touched in a third.

Contact - Where you touch another with or without the ball.

Obstruction - Where you are too close to the person with the ball. ( 3 feet 0.9m) You put your hands up before you gained your distance.

Held ball - Where you have held the ball longer than up to 3 seconds

Breaking - Where a player crosses the transverse line before the whistle for the centre pass has sounded.

Not Clear - Where a player hasn't made it back behind the transverse line, prior to whistle been blown for centre pass.

Replay Ball - Where a player has control of the ball and drops it and catches it.  If the goaler has taken a shot and it hasn't touched any part of the goal ring or another player.

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